1 Ultimate Stain Remover Product for All Your Fabric/Upholstery

I think we’ve all been there… Sitting in your home looking around and noticing all the random mystery stains on the carpet, couch, pillows — you name it. Getting ready in the morning only to look in the mirror and realize your shirt has a random spot on it. Watching a spouse or kid eat something near your fluffy white throw pillows.

These are all cringe worthy moments and moments that I know all too well! And you’re probably here because you also know them all too well, right?

What if I told you I had a product that could remove almost any stain under the surface of the sun… Would you jump at the opportunity to purchase it?

Well, get to jumping! My ultimate stain remover secret is sold in large 32 oz spray bottles for UNDER $10. Please, just trust me on this one and order it now.

But if you need a little more information before deciding to start spraying this mystery product all over your carpet, clothing, or furniture… then keep reading.

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I’m going to explain to you why this product is the holy grail of cleaning supplies.

The #1 stain remover for all of your fabric/upholstery. Yes, I said ALL. And yes, the bottle isn't lying... it is INSTANT. You'll never have to buy another stain remover ever again. Check out why and find out all of the items that it works well on! tiptoeandtidy.com

It is easy.

First, it is probably the easiest stain remover to use EVER.

There is no rinsing, no mess or sticky residue, no harsh scrubbing. You simply spray the product on the stain and rub it around a bit with your finger. A majority of the time, this is all it takes to remove the stain.

On some surfaces, it’s more efficient to blot a dry paper towel onto the stain after applying the product. You can literally see the stain instantly lift. IT’S SO MAGICAL. The reason behind this is because of Folex’s make up. Water-based cleaners aren’t like soaps that leave sticky or oily residues on the surface. Instead, they wash the stain away by breaking it up and pulling it out.

It can remove anything.

Second, it can remove SO SO SO many stains and spots.

On the bottle of the product, it says that Folex removes: pet accidents, grease, ink, red wine, coffee, blood, rust, food, cosmetics, dirt, grime, and most old stains. But seriously, that list doesn’t even begin to cover it… Not even close.

If they were to try to put an entire comprehensive list on the bottle, they would run out of space.

It can be used on any surface.

Third, it can remove all of those said stains and spots from SO SO SO many surfaces.

While it is advertised as a carpet stain remover, it isn’t just a carpet stain remover. Any surface that you can put water on, you can put Folex on. Carpet, rugs, blankets, bed sets, clothing, pillows, curtains, couches, shoes…

My rule of thumb usually is: if it has some sort of fabric on it, Folex can fix it. Easy right?

Although, before you put it on any high value items, you should test it out in a small corner to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the dyes or anything. While I’ve never had this happen, Folex does warn that you should do a test spot (I don’t though).

It is safe.

Fourth, it is non-toxic. So, for all you moms or pet owners out there, you can safely use this around your family.

Best stain remover ever?

Personally, I’ve had so much success with Folex that I will never purchase another stain remover. I’ve used Folex to get a VERY large 3 day old coffee stain out of the carpet (thanks to my boyfriend), ink out of clothes, blood out of so many different materials, black ash from a candle wick out of a throw pillow (thanks again to my boyfriend), mystery stains out the carpet next to the kitchen (presumably my boyfriend), and just straight up DIRT (I never realized how dirty things were until I used folex on a small area and saw the drastic difference). I’ve also seen it used to get an entire glass of red wine out of light carpet.

All in all, Folex is the answer to ALL of your cleaning and stain removal questions. Seriously… go get it and you’ll see. Do you have any cleaning products that you consider holy grail items?! I’d love to hear about them and try them out so leave a comment below.

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