Staying Organized With a Blog – The Control Freak Way

I’m a control freak. A planner. A perfectionist. A complete “Type A” personality. Organization is my strong suite. What can I say? It’s the reality. I might as well embrace it at this point.

I actually think my personality type comes in handy running a blog. Blogging takes A LOT of organization, simply because a blogger is responsible for every single thing on their blog — writing, editing, photography, monetization, etc. Check out this post if you’re interested in a list of the harsh truths about blogging that hit me within the first month. 

Without an organized plan, things can go wrong. Real wrong, real quick.

This is the exact opposite of how I feel about my personality in almost every other aspect of my life though. My boyfriend is a Type B all. the. way. I think I drive him NUTS half the time with my “you didn’t open the cereal box the right way” or “that’s not where the tupperware goes” and “you’re not putting the dishes in the right spots on the drying rack”…

Story time: We had just washed the sheets on the bed and I had asked him to help me make it. He walked in the room and I said, “Can I teach you my pillow and pillowcase system?” (bat-shit crazy, right?) He actually just laughed at me and said “I know your system”… No. No, he did not know my system. Although I will give him credit for ALMOST knowing it.

Anyways, he knew which pillows went where on the bed (did I mention we have 8?). And he knew which colors of pillowcases went on which pillows. But I had to intervene when he tried to put the wrong brand of white pillowcase on my pillow. I always put a certain brand of white pillowcases on two of the pillows, and another brand of white pillowcases on two of the others.

Now that I’ve actually written out that story and read it back to myself I’m starting to realize that I shouldn’t tell that story at all. BUT I’m here to be REAL. I will take a moment to apologize to anyone who has to deal with this crazy, though.

ANYWAY… Tangent over. Let’s get back to the point of this. Organization. Blogging.

I like to use a nice mix of digital and paper planning when it comes to my blog.

My favorite digital organization includes…

Evernote, and the Apple calendar and notes apps. Really with these three, you don’t need anything else.


I’m OBSESSED with Evernote. And that might actually be an understatement. It’s an app for the iPhone and a download for the Macbook that syncs your account on both devices.

A few notes that I keep in Evernote at all times include:

1. A running list of potential blog posts that way I have it with me when ideas pop into my head. I also organize this note by category and subcategory. So I title the note “blog post ideas” and then I have my main categories (lifestyle, home, blogging) titled in all caps with the champagne emoji next to them (eye on the prize) — you can obviously use whatever emoji you like, this is just how I make the mains more noticeable. Then under those I have my subcategories. Then I put all of my post ideas in lists under those.

2. A note of specific photograph ideas for blog posts so when the idea hits me I can jot it down. This helps me out A LOT. By keeping a photography list in my phone, I’m always able to check which photos I need and make sure I take them if the opportunity presents itself. I actually really enjoy photography. So keeping a list of general photo ideas helps keep me inspired to take photos a few times a week. By doing so, I’m able to keep a nice supply of photographs up for future posts.

3. A to-do list of things that I need to check on, fix, or get done. This list is filled with the most random shit. If it pops into my head that I need to re-edit a post, I put it in here. If I think the editing on a photo is off, I put it in here. When I see a new blogger I want to make sure I check out, it goes in here.

4. A note with all my affiliates. I include any relating information under the affiliate and my affiliate link so that it’s easy to copy and paste into my posts when I need it. Check out this post about the 8 best affiliate networks to join to start your beginner blog’s monetization journey!

5. A note that includes links to all my social media for easy copy and paste into my posts.

The other notes that are in the folder always vary. But I like to keep all of this in Evernote because they’re types of things that I like to have at all times whether I’m out or working. Being able to access the notes in my phone makes it easier to keep track of my ideas as they come. And the fact that Evernote syncs them to to my laptop automatically is AMAZING. That way any changes I’ve made or ideas I’ve had during the day, are there waiting for me when I’m ready to sit down and work.

Apple calendar

I use this for planning out my editorial calendar.

I have a calendar for life events, a calendar for holidays, and a calendar for my blog. Each calendar goes on the same monthly layout, but it all goes in color coded. That’s what I like the most — that I can clearly see which events are life related and which events are blog related. It helps keep me organized and plan accordingly.

I like to plan my editorial calendar for a full month at a time. That way it’s a full plan, no surprises. But the thing that I love love love about doing this digitally instead of on paper, is that I can easily switch a post to a different day just by dragging it if I MUST. But this only happens when I’m feeling very uninspired and just can’t seem to get a specific post out.

Apple notes

I use the notes app on my phone for everything in my personal life. Seriously. I have a grocery list note, a note of things I need to get done around the house, a meal planning note — I could go on.

While I don’t really use this for staying organized with my blog, it still is HUGE for me. If my personal life isn’t organized… it basically feels like my whole life is in shambles. So using the notes app helps keep me calm and stress free about everyday things. This in turn helps me organize my blog because it keeps me in the right state of mind.

Now let’s talk about paper planning and organization.

You could just easily skip the paper planning all together. But there is just something about writing down my plans that makes them seem more set in stone and honestly, just makes me feel happy. There’s nothing quite like pen on paper.

When it comes to notebooks, I recommend keeping 2. One being a pretty little lined notebook in case content ideas pop into my head like if I want to brainstorm a post, or write down goals. Sometimes simply writing things down on paper can get me inspired if I’m struggling. And there is no feeling quite like being able to cross something off of a to-do or a goal list. But I’m a very goal and result driven person.

The second notebook should be a yearly planner. This is great to use it in conjunction with the Apple calendar. Instead of including the full editorial calendar in the yearly planner, include certain posts that have due dates or days with big plans, personal events or holidays.

I’m obsessed with this one because the branding is on point. I love the cute little sayings that they implement into all of their products. Take their advice and “start your weekend on a Thursday.”

Let’s talk about you!

Obviously, you don’t need to organize the same way that I organize. I think I’m so excessive when it comes to organizing my blog and my life. But it works for me. And that is KEY! You find what works for you and you stick to it.

If you like digital, I highly recommend Evernote and the Apple calendar.

If you like pen and paper, then you might benefit from getting a few different notebooks for different purposes — a yearly planner, an idea and list notebook, a brainstorm notebook.

You do you! And do it with pride! If you like to color code, then you color code. If you like to throw all your stuff into one notebook (the horror) then you ahead and do so (although I would advise against it).

Check out my pinterest for more organizing inspiration for all you crazy Type A’s.

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