Coconut Oil: I used it as a moisturizer for 7 days and here’s what happened

Interested in this oil trend that everyone has been trying out lately??? Well, I ditched my expensive moisturizer and used coconut oil on my face for 7 days and here's what happened!

The oil trend has been exploding everywhere lately. A ton of people are so into oils for everything — moisturizing or treating their face, in place of their body lotions, hair masks, added into makeup for extra dewiness. And I am so about it! I’m intrigued and decided to start testing it all out myself to see what this hype was all about.

Despite some (okay a ton) of concerns and hesitations… I ditched my expensive moisturizer and used coconut oil on my face for 7 days. Consider this the first of many beauty oil trial runs.

Let’s break it down!

I used the coconut oil morning and night, no fail (until day 7… keep reading for why). And every morning + every night I wrote a note in my phone explaining how my skin felt and looked. I literally used copy and paste to place those notes into this post for you. So, there is no fluff and no editing. You’re reading my real, in the moment observations and opinions. Here we go.

Interested in this oil trend that everyone has been trying out lately??? Well, I ditched my expensive moisturizer and used coconut oil on my face for 7 days and here's what happened!

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Day 1

I got this coconut oil earlier today for less than $8… in a giant jar. Literally the size of my hand. The only ingredient is USDA certified organic virgin coconut oil.

It’s a complete liquid… which isn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting a solid at room temperature that kind of melted in my fingers from the heat of my skin. Because that’s how everyone describes it, right? I put the jar in the refrigerator thinking that the heat outside may have melted it. After a few hours in the cold it had solidified completely. But later on in the night I noticed that it became a liquid again.

I played around with the coconut oil for a while moisturizing my legs and my hands/nails. Just to make sure nothing funky happened! I’m a nervous product tester… But my legs (which get very dry) and my nails (which always need some love) both looked and felt great for hours after the initial application.

So, I went for it.

I put the coconut oil on my face before bed after going about my usual skin care routine.

I dipped the very tip of my finger into the oil and rubbed it between my fingers. This was enough to apply all over my forehead, nose, and chin areas. I repeated the process and covered both sides of my face. Then, I got a tiny bit more on my fingertip and rubbed it all over my hands before applying it in upwards motions on my neck. I rubbed the excess into my hands and nails.

Pro: you smell like a samoa cookie for 45 minutes and it’s honestly a dream to smell like a girl scout cookie. Con: you feel/look excessively oily for 45 minutes.

Day 2

I woke up feeling less oily than I do in the mornings when I use a regular moisturizer. My skin looks soft and healthy + there is no sign of any new breakouts.

I moisturized with the oil in the morning after washing my face and applying toner. I only felt oily for about 30 minutes, so my skin absorbed the oil a little bit quicker than it did last night.

Throughout the day my skin felt way less oily than it usually does. It definitely developed a dewy look to it around the middle of the day, but it was 100% a dewy look. It didn’t look gross or oily or sweaty. Instead, it looked… hydrated.

By night time my skin still felt hydrated and was about half as oily as usual. The first full day has me convinced this might be a win.

I applied the oil again before bed after my night time routine. My skin only felt oily for about 20 minutes, but I did a mask before applying the coconut oil. I think the mask may have soaked out some oils and hydration that my skin was holding onto. Because of this, the coconut oil was able to soak in more efficiently due to the lack of moisture.

Day 3

I don’t have any new breakouts this morning + no oil buildup on my skin except a tiny bit around my nostrils.

I applied the coconut oil after washing my face this morning and only felt oily for about 30 minutes again.

Throughout the day, my skin was not oily AT ALL. I ran errands in the heat + humidity and my skin didn’t get oily… say what? I think the oil might be providing the level of hydration that my skin was lacking and producing extra oils trying to compensate for?

There is one small blemish that developed towards the very end of the day. But it’s super small and will most likely be gone tomorrow if I don’t mess with it. I think this was because I skimped on my morning skin care routine.

I applied again after night time routine and only felt oily for about 30 minutes.

Day 4

I woke up with the blemish from yesterday completely gone and no sign of any new ones. I also don’t feel oily at all.

After my morning routine I applied the coconut oil as usual, but didn’t apply any around my nostrils since I’ve noticed that’s the one place that still feels very oily throughout the day.

I am also trying to use the coconut oil as a lip balm. It felt excessively oily after applying, so I kept wanting to rub my lips together in hopes of helping the absorption. Once it finally soaked in, it felt amazing on my lips. However, it didn’t last long at all. Which sucks, because I like my lips to be smothered with moisture at all times. So I went for my chapstick about 45 minutes later. I’d say it might be good for bedtime when I can leave it alone and let it soak in without rubbing it. But for daytime it was too wet at first and then not moisturized enough.

I didn’t really feel oily at all throughout the day. I applied the coconut oil again as usual after my night time routine. My skin didn’t feel oily for any more than 20 minutes.

Day 5

I woke up with one dry, flaking spot on a very small area where a blemish had been right before I started this coconut oil trial run. This got me wondering if the coconut oil dried the blemish out and healed it? I need to research that one.

(Upon researching I found out that coconut oil does have healing properties! It is naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory + it improves and stimulates tissues repair. This article contains a huge list and summarization of health benefits of coconut oil used in one way or another.)

After my morning routine, I applied the coconut oil as usual and was only oily for maybe 20 minutes. I’m started to get used to the smell and the feeling of it applied on my skin. Which is good! The “oily” feeling is started to just seem like a “moisturized” feeling to me now.

I’m also noticing that every single day the coconut oil seems to solidify in the jar a little bit more. I really have no idea why… But I like the fact that it isn’t a complete liquid anymore and is becoming more of a balm.

A few hours later I had some oily buildup around my nostrils, but the rest of my face actually felt kind of dry comparatively. “Dry” is the wrong word. My skin doesn’t necessarily feel dry. But compared to how oily it usually is when I use a regular moisturizer, I can definitely feel a noticeable difference.

I applied as usual after my night time routine and actually spent a few more hours awake getting some work done after the application. I only felt that initial “oiliness” for about 20 minutes again and then I just felt hydrated. But I did notice that my skin looked about as double as shiny as it does during the day.

Day 6

I woke up with a blemish on my temple. But I always get blemishes there because that’s where I rest my hand when I’m doing… everything — driving, thinking, working, watching tv.

I washed my face as usual, did a spot treatment, and applied the coconut oil. During the day, I didn’t feel oily at all. But towards the end of the day I had to put makeup on for some dinner plans. I’ve been waiting all week to be able to test out how my makeup would wear over the coconut oil. And yes, my face hasn’t seen makeup all week long… don’t judge me.

Anyways, here’s how I go about applying makeup later on in the day.

Whenever you apply makeup, you need a clean canvas. So always wash + tone + moisturize your face beforehand. This ensures that your makeup will go on smoothly and last longer instead of being applied over dirt and oils, trapping them into your skin.

So, I washed my face with my cleanser, applied my toner, and moisturized with the coconut oil. Don’t forget to check out my skin care routine that I also linked at the beginning of this post for a full, detailed description of my favorite products for my morning and night time skin care routines.

Interested in this oil trend that everyone has been trying out lately??? Well, I ditched my expensive moisturizer and used coconut oil on my face for 7 days and here's what happened!

After moisturizing, I applied my makeup and went about my night out. You should also check out this post for my absolute favorite makeup products + application tips.

End result: I had my makeup on for about 5 hours. After about 3 hours, I did notice my face getting unusually dewy. But it looked good! However, this usually doesn’t happen to makeup until after 5-6 hours of wear. So… You can imagine that by hour 5 it became excessive and I just really wanted to wash my face.

Conclusion: I probably won’t apply coconut oil under my makeup again. But I went about my regular night time routine and applied coconut oil before crawling into bed.

Day 7

It’s around 9am and the blemish that decided to pop up yesterday is still there. But it didn’t get worse!

I have a full day of plans today (including Tony and I announcing our engagement to both sides of our family!)… which means makeup is required. So I’m going to skip the coconut oil this morning and use a different moisturizer. I need my makeup to last 10 hours, not 5.

It’s now around 9:30 pm and my makeup lasted almost all day through the Florida heat, just like I needed it to. I took my makeup off like usual and applied the coconut oil as my nightly moisturizer. I noticed that the coconut oil soaked into my skin quicker than it usually did at night. My skin only felt oily for 15 minutes.

So, it looks like applying the coconut oil only at night time gave my skin a chance to use up it’s moisture reservoir and actually need more.

So… Am I going back to spending a shit ton of money on fancy moisturizers or what??

Right now, my opinion about coconut oil as a face moisturizer is that it is 100% a top-notch product. If that opinion changes at any time within the next few weeks after I’ve used it for a full month, then I’ll make sure that I include an update post for you that I will link down here. But I really think this coconut oil is going to stick around with me for a while! Especially seeing as how this jar will last me literally years.

HOWEVER, my second opinion is that coconut oil (for people with oily skin already) seems like a product that I could use every night to get in that extra moisture that my skin needs instead of using it morning + night. So yes, I still need a moisturizer… but I’m going to be using much less of it!

I don’t wear makeup often. But when I do, I need to ensure that my makeup lasts for a full day of errands or a full night of being out with friends. So if you have oily skin already and have a hard time keeping your makeup on, don’t use coconut oil in the mornings before your makeup application. Just use it at night for added moisture + think of it as a nightly mask. This is how I will be using the coconut oil for the rest of the month before I update you again.

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