DIY Mimosa Bridesmaid Boxes (for under $20 each)

Need some ideas for you DIY bridesmaid boxes to propose to your girls in gift form?! What to put in a bridesmaid box has never been easier. And who doesn't love mimosas?

Asking your best friends to be a part of your wedding is usually one of the first things that bride’s think about after the shock and celebration of an engagement starts to wear off. I don’t know about you, but this was a very easy choice for me as to who I wanted standing next to me on one of the most special days of my life:

  1. The girls who have stood by me since day 1.
  2. The girls who have had a major impact on mine and my fiancé’s relationship.
  3. These girls who will be willing + able to help me plan, keep me sane, calm my nerves, and encourage me to remember the real reason behind my wedding: marrying the man of my dreams.

So, your man proposed to you… and now you need to propose to your girls!

Okay, you don’t need to do anything. But creating a fun little box/bag as a way to ask your girls to be apart of your day is becoming the norm and is super fun if you’re into being crafty, giving gifts, and love a good aesthetic.

I see so many brides filling gift boxes with cups, shirts, nail polish, jewelry, glitter covered initials, candles, photos, knick-knacks, etc… Seriously, I could go on. I’m going to use my favorite word here (according to Tony) and say that this is EXCESSIVE af + it can get EXPENSIVE af.

I’ve actually made it a pretty huge deal lately that my wedding will also follow through with this same type of low-key mentality. I’m going for more of a party, super non-traditional, grab a beer and then watch us say “i do” type of vibe… as opposed to a formal, sit in your assigned seat and “pay attention to me” type of vibe.

Anyways, more on that later.

Back to the point.

Your girls do not need a box filled with $50+ of stuff that they will most likely sit on a shelf in their apartment and never touch again. Be smarter with your money (you are planning a wedding, remember)!

Now, I only have 4 bridesmaids. So gifts aren’t going to break the bank. But imagine if you decide you want 10 bridesmaids because they’re all SO important to you? That can start to cost some serious money if you want to get them all a gift box.

Originally, I was only going to have 3 girls in my bridal party because my future husband only had 3 guys in his. BUT I decided on saying f it and having an uneven bridal party because…. well because I can. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again — I am all about low-key, breaking the traditions, etc.

Ali + Tony: 45982 Tradition: 0

If I can even call that a tradition… It almost seems like more of an unspoken rule that bridal parties must be even. Either way, f it. I want us to be surrounded by the most important + loving + influential people in our lives and relationship. Regardless of how many are standing on each side.



… BRIDESMAID BOXES! Keep it simple and easy + personal and fun. Give your girls something they will love and put to use + still think is SO cute for UNDER $20 each. This will give you more wiggle room in your budget later on to spoil them with a cute little tee or a small token of appreciation during the bachelorette + closer to the wedding.


Who doesn’t love mimosas? More specifically… What bride/bridal party won’t drink mimosas at some point during planning/bachelorette/wedding?

… Anything? Nope? I didn’t think so.

Okay, maybe you actually hate mimosas or one of your girls hates mimosas. And that’s cool too. That makes this gift box even simpler for you… simply skip the orange juice. Add in some other flavor such as raspberry or lemon, or just leave the the bubbly to stand alone. Anything goes here, ladies. You can throw in some wine or some vodka if that’s what floats your boat and fits your vibe.

Make this gift box your own. Tailor it to fit your personality and your girls’ personalities + most importantly: your wedding.

Here’s the materials you need to gather up for your super cute mimosa bridesmaid box:

  1. Mini bottle of bubbly ($5 each)
  2. Mini bottle of OJ ($3 each)
  3. Stemless champagne flute ($10 for a 4 pack)
  4. Gift box ($4 each)
  5. “Be my bridesmaid?” gift tag or card ($5 for an 8 pack)
  6. Gift box filling ($4)
  7. Metallic Sharpie paint markers ($6)

Don’t worry, I’m going to include links for all of these items down below as I discuss them! So keep reading.

Some of these links that I include for the items in this post will be affiliate links. I’m only linking to items/products that I actually use + love + and highly recommend. So check them out + check out my disclosure policy.

First things first!

The bubbly that I went with is a 3 pack of 187ml mini prosecco bottles from ABC Liquor (which worked out perfectly because I only have 3 bridesmaids). I also got the mini OJ bottles from there which are 450ml. But you can buy either of things at almost ANY liquor/wine store. If you can’t find the mini bottles always ask an associate before you give up and leave! Because the mini bottles are usually kept in a super inconspicuous section.

The main component of my bridesmaid box is the personalized stemless champagne flute that I included for each girl. This was a major DIY.

You can purchase this 4-pack of glasses for $10 which are the perfect size, shape, and price! You can also purchase this pack of metallic paint markers for $6 (I only need the gold one).

Here’s where you’ve got to get crafty…

I wanted a handwritten calligraphy type on each glass with the bridesmaid’s initial. And clearly my handwriting wasn’t going to cut it. But no fear, I found a way around it.

Step 1: Open up your laptop. Find a font you like in your word document. Type out what you want and put it to the right size for your glasses (my font size ended up being over 150pt). Place a notecard over your computer, phone, tablet screen… and trace the letter with a pencil very lightly so you don’t put any pressure on your screen and cause damage.

Step 2: Once you’ve got your tracing down, you can take your metallic marker and outline + fill in your letter like you will do on your glassware.

Step 3: Once the notecard has had 5 minutes to dry, place it inside the glass (the notecard should be a perfect fit) and start to slowly, slowwwly, SLOWLY trace the letter onto the outside of the glass. Trace just the outline, remove the notecard, and slowly but with purpose (so it doesn’t dry + clump), start to fill in the letter and round out any rough edges.

Initially, the letter will have streak lines and brush strokes after the first coat. That’s okay. Let it dry. Do it again. You may have to cover it 3 times to get the lighter areas filled in with color. But that’s okay. Keep at it. Be patient.

At the end of this, your letter will still have some brush strokes in the paint. But you can’t notice them in pictures, while you’re sipping, or when the glass is in your hand. So really… it’s not an issue.

Quick tip: use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to remove major mistakes + on a cotton swab to remove minor errors and clean up any rough lines or edges.

I also informed my girls to only wash the outside of this glass with the soft side of a dish sponge + to go very gently over the letter. Any type of personalized glass will have this type of care instructions.

Honestly, spending $15 TOTAL on 4 personalized champagne flutes is so. much. better. than spending $15 on each one if I were to purchase from Etsy. They would probably be a little higher in quality… But it’s the thought that counts and these glasses are super cute + functional. I’ve gotten some great reactions about them! You will too.

Now, let’s focus on the details.

I’m attempting to keep a somewhat “edgy + moody” theme continued throughout my wedding process: in these boxes, engagement photos, the bachelorette party, the actual wedding.

So, I’ve been adding a lot of black and gold elements into things. Hence why I went with the black bridesmaid boxes with a gold initial in the outer corner. I think it adds a somewhat edgy touch to an aspect that’s typically white + glitter + bows.

You can get these black boxes for $4 each. The largest size is the perfect fit for all of the contents of the mimosa kit into and is actually very very pretty once you add a little personal little touch to the outside. You can also get this white shredded filling in jumbo packs. Two packs are good to split between 3 boxes. The packs are the perfect amount of filling to keep the glass + bottles in place but not overflow the box or take away from the actual contents.

To make the gold initial on the top of the box I followed almost the same system as I did for the glasses. Trace the letter from a word document on your laptop onto a notecard (I used capital letters on the boxes + lowercase on the glasses for some differentiation). Fill the letter in with the gold marker. Then grab a pencil, place the notecard onto the lid of the box where you want the letter to be, trace the outer edges of the letter with your pencil (pressing down slightly). This leaves a light indent on the lid of the box in the shape of the letter — it becomes a stencil for you to trace with your gold paint marker. So easy!

Finishing touches:

For an added little detail inside the box (it’s always all about the small touches) I made sure to include a white paper straw with gold bubbles on it. I think they are very fitting because they add a cute touch + the bubbles also go with the champagne theme that I have going on. My paper straws came from Target for $1. You can find similar options here + here.

Now, the most important little detail! The cards! I got these cards that say “be my bridesmaid?” on the outside in gold calligraphy + the envelopes had the perfect gold edging. I love these because they add a super soft and feminine touch to the otherwise “edgy” outside of the box. You can get these cards for $5.

Don’t forget to put a cute little message inside! Something as simple as “Please say yes!” would be cute + give it a personal element.

Another option here is to print out little gift tags or purchase them from Etsy. You can check out thesethese. If you print them out — just punch a little hole in the corner, attach a cute little string, tie it to the bottle of bubbly! If you order them then you can just use the provided string or switch it out for something a little more “you”.

And you’re done!

These bridesmaid boxes are super easy to make and super fitting for my easy-going bridal party.

Did you make any other type of bridesmaid “proposal” for your girls?! I’m definitely interested in hearing about them.

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