Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m Ali, a twenty two year old currently trying to figure out this “adult” thing — seriously, if you have any tips for this nonsense send them my way…

Anyways. I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida where you can find me near the water or in the deep (and I mean deep) depths of Netflix with my fiancé, Tony.

This past year has been an extremely liberating one — one full of personal development that has ultimately given me a huge push to take a chance on starting this blog.

Blogging has been an idea that I have been tiptoeing around for quite some time, always too afraid to commit. I knew I would be good at it — embracing the multitude of creative outlets and putting myself out there to help, inspire, and encourage other people.

Throughout the years while I was in school aspiring to go into a medical field, my mom would always tell me that I might have missed my calling. She would tell me that I needed to find a way to allow myself to showcase my creativity. So, here I am… diving head first into the online interaction + the means of expression that gets me more excited than any anatomy class ever did.

Contrast is my lifestyle. In my wardrobe, home, routine… Think: boho meets edgy + coastal living room and a glam bedroom + drinks nothing but lemon water just to eat 9 chocolate chips in one sitting.

I believe everything has a place and that it should live in that place. Clutter is my enemy (unless it’s my clutter and then it’s okay). Think: spends four hours organizing the hall closet just to leave 3 purses, 2 pairs of shoes, and a bra on the living room floor.

I believe there is always room for self improvement, awareness, and expression. That real shit is what matters and that everyone should want to make the best version of their life possible.

I’m passionate about finding different ways to do ordinary things + turning something ordinary into something great.

I believe that everyone needs a little inspiration here and there, whether it be about life, home, or creation.

My blog’s purpose is to give you that inspiration. Whether it’s keeping your home tidy, your life tidy, your ideas tidy, or simply throwing tidy out the window all together (it’s all about balance, right?)…

Lifestyle, home blogging — Whatever it is that brings you here, I hope that what you find gets you inspired and encourages you to embrace your ideas instead of tiptoeing around them.

So grab a cup of tea or a beer if you’re about it, because we’ve got a hell of a lot to talk about.